My Post That Will Please 100% of My Readers


April 4, 2011 by rebelwithalabelmaker

And how many bloggers can make that their title?  Well, I am in the lucky position of having just the one reader so far–Douglas.  And Douglas wants to know the recipe for Best Ever Super Cheap Super Easy Most Delicious Chai Tea:

1)  Put water in pot, turn pot on.  On High.  I should specify this because certain husbands insist that there are a whole variety of temperatures that people can cook things at if they are patient people.  Who knows, my loyal readership may include one such person, so I will specify.  How much water?  About 2 litres, I guess.  Depends how strong you like your tea.

2)  Peel about as much ginger as the size of your thumb, unless you have weird thumbs.  Then either a) slice it if you are a meticulous person, b) crush it under your palm if you are impervious to pain, or b) crush it in your mortar and pestle if you are so excited to have one because it feels all old fashionedy and you are trying to find purposes for it since you don't really grind your own…  anything.

3) Add a small spoonful of cloves, a small spoonful of whole black pepper corns, and a cinniamon stick.  About a teaspoon, I think.  I use as much as will fit on one of those small spoons that are theoretically the measures for how much sugar to put in tea.  I figure, I have to use those spoons for something or they will feel snotty about their lack of purpose in life and make plans to attack the soup ladle so they can have their old job back.  

4)  Add about six cardamom pods.  These have to be crushed, using methods described in 2).  Oh, the mortal and pestle is so very useful.  Side note:  Do not crush the cloves or peppercorns, if you are the creative type and don't follow instructions carefully.  It will not end well.  Bitter tea.

5)  Let that whole thing cook until it is amber coloured and boiling.  This is about enough time to light a fire and tidy up the living room, which will make you feel like total Suzy Homemaker as you sit there sipping your tea.

6)  Throw in a few black tea bags.  About three (again, depending on taste).  Let steep for 3-5 minutes, as specified by Martha Stewart's Rules of Making Black Tea, found in the book that gets less use than the mortar and pestle.  In my routine, I use this time to make the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes recipe.  There is enough time to start the dough, empty the dishwasher and set dishes to soaking, finish the dough and set it to rise, and still be on track with the tea.  Then I feel totally like Suzy Homemaker.   Amazing.  I will post a link to the bread recipe soon, but you can google it if you are curious.  Except I know you aren't curious, because "you" is only Douglas, and I gave you the bread recipe yesterday.  But still.

7)  Take out most of the junk in the pot (especially the tea bags).  You can actually strain it if you are not lazy and have a strainer.

8)  Pour in a full can of Full Fat Evaporated Milk.  Low fat does not taste nearly as good.  Also, you will have to make your own opinion on this of course, but I have recently become convinced that it isn't the fat that is killing me, it's the sugar.

9)  Dump in a bunch of sugar.  I recommend those pretty little silver spoons as a measuring tool.  It works best if you use 47346737 of them.

Best recipe ever.  Except the bread recipe.  Which you already have.

(Credit to Anne for the recipe!).




One thought on “My Post That Will Please 100% of My Readers

  1. anne says:

    Just for the record … you don’t have to peel the ginger … and normal people only put in 1 or 2 teabags … and after you add the milk, I bring the temperature back up to ‘bubbles just breaking the surface’ to cook the milk and increase the longevity of the tea 😉
    (if you’re going to name me, i have to defend my recipe) 😉

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