Post That Will Please 0% of My Readers…


July 1, 2011 by rebelwithalabelmaker

This title is to keep me from getting in trouble from Garoo  Reader Carl (not his real name.  Well, 2/3 not his real name, anyways), who had issues with the math in the title Post That Will Please 100% of My Readers.  I keep trying to explain that the pertinent fact was that Douglas was my only reader at the time.

Actually, Douglas wasn’t reading the blog either, turns out.  But it’s still 100%, since that’s everybody.  And now we’ll find out if Garoo Son David is reading this blog…  …since there is no way he would allow the very members of his own gene pool to divide by zero and thusly tarnish the family honour.  (David IS his real name.  Genetic details however, have been changed to protect his identity).

Anyways, only a short post today, to update you on the Ongoing Saga of the TseTse Fly.  (See Part 1 if you missed it.  Oh you poor thing).  I used the phrase “details of the life cycle of the South American Tse Tse Fly” as an example of the arcane type of thing that my dad knows stuff about…  The rhetorical question “what kind of person knows about something as arcane as the TseTse fly?” was answered when everybody I know came out of the woodwork to debate the spelling, pronunciation, and details of the Tse Tse Fly.  The issue of pronunciation was settled when I asked Salaash (not his real name–well, not really), who comes from Kenya, where the fly is plentiful.

I thought this was so funny that I told my dad about the many Garoos who have all put their two cents in and I gave him the URL to read the posts because I thought he’d find them entertaining, and he read them and wrote back:

“Did any of your people notice that you moved the Tse Tse fly over geographically by two continents?”

Apparently, it’s the South African Tse Tse fly.  And South Africa and South America are not interchangeable.  Perhaps I should have clued into this partway through my conversation with Salaash (who’s continent of origin has apparently been changed to protect his identity).


3 thoughts on “Post That Will Please 0% of My Readers…

  1. Carl says:

    This is my very last comment, HH, as I keep getting in deeper and deeper trouble with my comments.
    I spent at least half an hour trying to figure out how to respond to “South American tsetse fly” at the time that blog item was posted. I composed numerous comments such as “South American?” and then deleted them thinking they would come across as pedantic. I looked up in Wikipedia to see if there was a Latin American genus of tsetse that I hadn’t heard of. I wondered about how tsetse would be pronounced in Spanish or Portuguese, IF the tsetse fly lived in South America instead of Africa. And so on. I finally gave up on that angle: a mistake, as I now see.
    Now I have only one more question, and this one is for your dad. Why TWO continents?
    After this I will read and Like and that’s all!!

  2. Liz says:

    No no no you are not in trouble!!! You are saving me from having to post about homemaking! 🙂
    Please do not stop posting. I am finding the Tse Tse fly to be great fun–but cannot find an emoticon for the teasing voice… I did use Winnie the Poohesque Capitalization of Important Phrases–this is the closest I know to a teasing voice…
    Yeah, I didn’t understand the two continents part either. But, as we have established, my grasp of geography is a bit weak.
    -Bear of Little Brain

  3. Scoozle says:

    How very like your Dad 🙂

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