It’s Prize Awarding Day…


November 3, 2011 by rebelwithalabelmaker

The Comment of The Week goes to faithful-reader-who-is-not-named-Carol.  He writes:

 "About real: A relative of mine, age 5, asked me a question about superheroes, maybe Superman in particular. I didn't know the answer, so I said we'd have to look it up on the internet. With wide eyes, he said, "You mean they have stuff that isn't REAL on the internet??"


This story reminds me of something that happened in a worship service led by my friend who is not named Ann.  Ann is a Minister serving a quirky and off-beat Unitarian congregation (if I had a proofreader, they would not let me use such redundant descriptions).  Ann has a talent for telling stories from the Bible in ways that allow a variety of theological perspectives to draw wisdom from them.  One Easter, she finished telling the children's story of Jesus' resurrection…

"…and when they rolled away the stone, the body of Jesus wasn't there!  And people all over the world hear that story, and there are lots of different thoughts about what happened.  Some people believe that Jesus was carried away by friends who love him and laid him to rest somewhere peaceful.  Some people believe that Jesus came back to life.  Others believe that the story itself is a myth meant to inspire us and guide us…  and others believe that nobody can know for sure."

"Why don't they just Google it?" asked one eight year old earnestly.


So, the comment of the week Award goes to Carol, who has now won both of our online contests.  He also won the competition for the best six word life story–which you may not know since I only awarded those prizes in my brain.  I was waiting for a third entry, so that I could award three prizes, which would have made me feel like a big time blogger with exciting contests.

The second prize went to my sister who is not named Rita.  Her prize item was my famous home cooked vegetarian Torta Rustica–awarded this summer.  It turns out, in retrospect, that it was likely crawling with the Hepatitis A virus.  Fortunately, Rita is well vaccinated from when she went to live with and research that tribe of monkeys–and I am referring here to actual research that she did, and not metaphorically referring to last summer when she was here with 7689 other house guests.


Anyways, Torta Rustica is a lot of work and one of her favourites, but I made it in honour of her prize winning authorship.  I forgot to mention that it was a contest prize at the time… which is by far the least important thing I forgot to mention about her Hepatitis Casserole. 

For Carol's first place prize, we awarded him several hundred thousand dollars.  To collect this prize, he had to fill out some standard blogging contest award paperwork, signing over the title of his house to us.  This worked out well for everyone, since:

a)  He lives in Winnipeg now, so what would he do with a house in Saskatoon?

b)  It made Eric and Anthony really happy (which is the deciding factor in all of my business decisions).  They are less happy now that they have come to understand that Carol and his wife were not included with the deal.  I also explained that we will be renting it out, not moving into it ourselves, to which Eric responded petulantly:  "Of course we won't move into it.  Why would we move into it now that they're living somewhere else?"  


c)  Conveniently, all of Carol's housing paperwork was in his online persona name.  Carol.  True story.  You can check the internet.

And this concludes prize awarding day on my blog… a day where we give new meaning to the phrase "It is better to give than to receive".


2 thoughts on “It’s Prize Awarding Day…

  1. Your best sister says:

    Hey! How come I got second?! I want money!

  2. Liz says:

    I will ask Carol if he will trade. I believe that he is a vegetarian, but I don’t think he’s a fan of Hepatitis Casserole.

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