“I’m not saying your feelings aren’t real, just that they’d be more valid if multiplied by the square root of a negative number” is an offensive statement…

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November 18, 2011 by rebelwithalabelmaker

This morning, I walked into the boys' room to find Anthony with his arms wrapped affectionately around Eric.

"Eric's still asleep."  I pointed out.

"I know." said Anthony, "This is what he wanted me to do.  He said he likes it best when I cuddle him when he's sleeping, because then he doesn't know that I'm doing it."

I am loathe to pigeon-hole my children from an early age…  especially in a public blog that they will be able to refer their therapists to… but sometimes the contrasts are cute.  Also, this post will solve a lot of mysteries when forty year old Eric is wondering about the regular dreams he had as a child about rabbits nibbling on his earlobes.

For the record, I don't see Eric as the "Mathematical" one and Anthony as the "Emotional" one.  Those aren't even opposite qualities.  Eric can be very loving, so long as you know how to correctly opperationalize that variable when observing him.  And why should we accept one kind of person's definition of "loving" as the gold standard?


David is, for example, not lovey dovey in the traditional way.  But often people will say to me "How do you get your college aged son to phone you so often?"

"I post blog titles that implicity confuse the idea of real and valid."  I say.  "Then I can count on a phone call saying he is sick of my costantly implying that real numbers are the only ones with applications in the physical world, and reminding me that my GPS is powered by the space time continuum."

I am, as I type this, envisioning hordes of people saying "How overly critical your son is about tiny things!".  But, unfortunately for me, the readership of this blog is incredibly disproportionately made of people with post graduate mathmatical training.  The actual comments will be more like "I don't think David said the space time continuum powered anything"  and "You said that real number are the only ones with applications in the physical world???"

I cannot be expected to correctly portray every mathmatical fact that I am taught.  Especially since I generally try to hear about math only when I am sleeping.  I like that best, since then I don't know it's happening.

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