This is my Very Secret Diary


November 25, 2011 by rebelwithalabelmaker

Anthony:  This is my secret diary.  Nobody gets to read it.

Me: Okay.

Anthony:  How do you spell…  "My"?  How do you spell "Name"?  How do you spell "Is"?  (etc etc)  (Note:  Not the real diary content, of course).

Anthony:  I've taped it shut so nobody can read it.

Me:  Okay.

Anthony:  You're not allowed to read it.

Me:  Okay.

Anthony:  And I won't tell you what it says.

Eric:  Nobody cares what's in your diary.

(Pause.  Anthony's eyes fill up with tears).

Me:  I care what's in the diary.

Anthony:  Well, you can't read it.  It's private.  It's mine.

Me:  Okay.


Me:  Do you want to read it it to me?

Anthony (leaping on to my lap):  If you want me to read it to you, I'll do that.


Anthony:  What does "M Y" spell?  What does "N A M E" spell?…


There are parallels to adult life all over this…

One thought on “This is my Very Secret Diary

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