Gary Is Not In Madrid, Among Other Places…


June 27, 2012 by rebelwithalabelmaker

If you know my partner, you will be happy to know he is nowhere near Madrid.  This morning, I woke up to an email from him saying he had to make an emergency trip to Madrid which I thought was kind of wierd because today was the day he was planning to go to Regina.  (If you aren't Canadian, Regina is a smallish city a couple of hours' drive away–a place tasked with a) running much of the province's government, and b) amusing small children endlessly because it's name sounds just like another word.  A word that is not Madrid).

I also thought it was pretty impresive that he made it to Madrid in the two hours since he left the house, and then I got to the part of the email about him being mugged and very sorry to ask, but could I wire him some money.  At this point I realized that this must not be Gary because a) he wouldn't be "sorry to ask", what with it being his money too and all, b) he knows darn well I have no idea how to wire money, and c) he doesn't know how to access his email from a remote location.  Also, Madrid is not very close to Regina.

Since anything to do with technology is my job, I booted up my computer, retrieved the "in case of emergency" password sheet, and tried to log into his gmail account.  Turns out his password was just changed, at about the same time the offending email was sent.  He wasn't answering his phone and when I checked FindMyPhone (a website I am deeply proficient in), it turned out that his phone was offline which never happens.  So I called David, who had the advice "Um, does he still use the same password for everything?", which is not exactly advice.  Also, "Does that include web banking?" which pretty much is advice.

Fortunately for Gary, his plane to Regina chose that moment to land, and his phone began beeping hysterically with a message along the lines of "phone me RIGHT NOW or I will freeze every account you own and lock you out of your phone".  And it turned out that helpful friends (thank you, reader who is not named Carol) had bounced the email back to him early that morning as he was checking email in the airport, and it had been him that had changed his password.  Which I didn't even know he knew how to do.

Then the power went out for three hours, which made fixing everything a little awkward.

It's very windy here.  We keep getting tornado warnings and thunderstorm warnings and wind warnings.  Which is exciting because usually the only things around here with force-of-nature-power strong enough to carry you away are the flocks of mosquitos, and they never issue warnings about that.

4 thoughts on “Gary Is Not In Madrid, Among Other Places…

  1. Wendy McNiven says:

    Entertaining as ever, Liz.
    I want to know where Regina is if I AM Canadian.

  2. Not named Carol says:

    You didn’t mention something else your friend not named Carol told your partner, namely, that an elderly relative actually believed this scam and lost $3500 — he sent the requested money by Western Union thinking it was going to the supposedly mugged brother of the friend not named Carol.
    Fortunately the scammer didn’t think of having your partner claim that he had gone to Regina, or it would have gotten even more complicated.

  3. Liz says:

    @ Carl: Ouch, that really sucks…
    @ Wendy: Regina is in the same spot, whether you are Canadian or not… 🙂

  4. Jean A says:

    funny in a more than scary way …

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