From the wedding…


August 21, 2012 by rebelwithalabelmaker

David and wife window close up

Most Talented Photographer Ever, I would like to say…

Also, the officiant was not bad…  <grin> and did not mention bed bugs one time.  Okay, once, but it was before the ceremony and I was not mik-ed.  Although, my sister declared pointedly that I don't need to be…

An excerpt from the wedding (Bride and Groom names deleted):

As you know, you didn't like any of the readings in the book for the exchanging of rings.  You both felt that they were forced.  You pointed out that the rings are not a circle because of forever or love or the shape of the earth–but primarily because fingers are cylindrical.  Circles are what fits on cylinders.  This is not an easy sentiment to put into poetic language, but somehow it fits with the people you are and the life you have built together.  Practical, simple, and honest.

__________, please repeat after me.  “I, _________, take you, __________, as my partner.  Exactly as you are, above all others, to share my life.  Because we fit together.”

I wanted the last sentence to be "You are the shape that fits me" which I thought was more romantic, but according to the groom it was "filled with cheese" so we changed it.

For the record, I do have Bride and Groom's permission to post stuff from their wedding.  Actually, for the record, whenever I post anything substantial I always check first (especially with Gary).  Also, after I check, I don't publish it if the person is uncomfortable.

Which is why you are not going to hear the story of the Penis Pirana…

One thought on “From the wedding…

  1. Congratulations to all of you, Liz!

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