Great stuff you can only do in Saskatchewan, Part 1


April 10, 2013 by rebelwithalabelmaker

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.

Our front yard yesterday morning:


For those of you who do not live on the Canadian prairies, I should mention that we are undergoing Ice Armageddon over here.  What Robert Frost neglected to mention about Ice Armageddon is the challenges it presents to garbage and recycling collection.  But it’s okay, really, because we have a yard.

Our back yard yesterday morning:


I don’t think Gary is a big fan of the philosophy “it’s okay, because we have a yard”.  He points out that the spot where I have been dumping the garbage and recycling is an area we were supposed to keep completely clear of snow because every spring the basement floods from there.  I am one step ahead of him, because remember the big flood in the basement in December?  After they removed all our possessions and the floor and the lower half of the walls, the insurance company had the wisdom to do nothing for several months.  It doesn’t matter if it floods again, we are all set up.  Bring it on, spring.

Seriously.  Bring it on, spring.  Any time.

I have challenged myself not just to endure my habitat this month, but to thrive in it.  Hence my blog series on great stuff you can only do in Saskatchewan (technically, you could probably stretch this stuff into Alberta or Manitoba).

First Awesome Saskatchewan Story of Excitement:  Yesterday morning, I was delighted to see the Recycling truck finally making it through the snow.  The city has a new plan where they’ve asked us all to put our carts on the side street instead of the alley (which they can’t get into).  This is great because it means that they have had to plow the street for their truck to get down it.  They normally don’t jump on the Plowing The Streets bandwagon.  I think their theory is that snow is just a fad, and will pass.

Which leads me to my moment of evil genius.  As the truck headed down our side of the street, emptying our bins, I had a moment of inspiration.  I’m looking at all those bins, thinking “Gee, everyone labelled theirs.  I totally should have, and then I could post it to the blog and also people would know which cart is mine”.  I mean, of course I know that my recycling cart’s serial number ends in the same two digits as my birth year… but not everyone can be expected to know that.  And then, I realize the great implications of a system that allows anonymous carts.

“Watch this, boys!  Mommy is an evil genius!”  I declared to the boys.  I hauled our recycling cart across to the other side of the street, which was still lined with full bins, and then began running back and forth from the house and yard, filling it yet again with more recyclables.  I felt all walking-on-the-wild-side-ey.

The boys were not as impressed as I was.  I think that the Internet may have inflated the standard for what is considered “genius”.  And under-inflated the standard of “evil”, because Eric seemed vaguely concerned about the morality of my actions.  I assured him that in Saskatchewan, people do not go to prison for over-recycling.  That said, there was a remarkably high police presence in my street immediately following the recycling incident, which worried me until I heard the morning news, which as usual did not feature me.  Apparently, a prisoner escaped while being treated at the hospital three blocks from my house.  I have not seen him.  I suspect he saw our devil-may-care approach to over-recycling and realized he should give our house a wide berth.

The pile of garbage may also have been a deterrent.

I think if I can come up with a super-villain name that includes the term “recycling” in it, my application for membership in the Evil League of Evil will have a serious shot.

2 thoughts on “Great stuff you can only do in Saskatchewan, Part 1

  1. Thank you Liz. This post almost makes the long winter worth it.

  2. Greta James says:

    Hunh…that snow seems like a great reason you should move to Ontario (to live near your sister). We have no snow.

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