Okay, I have been a little bit secretly cheating on you people…

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July 2, 2014 by rebelwithalabelmaker

So, this one time, my sister referred to something on the blog and I said “you read the blog?” and she said “I did, until you started with all that Church stuff”. Since then, I have tried to keep a bit of a damper on the INTENSELY UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST stuff, just to keep it accessible because I don’t want my sister to forget who I am and I do not know how to pick up the telephone and call…

But that was no good, because I have a LOT to say about Unitarian Universalist stuff. I also have a lot to say about hepatitis, and I started to feel like maybe those two didn’t belong on the same blog…

So, I have made the leap to being a two blog person… which annoys me because some things belong on both… such as the most recent post on the Free Range Seminarian blog, which is found here and features amusing stories of me creeping people out at a conference a la that time when I hit on the exterminator…

This divorce is good news for all of us, really… Unitarian people will not have to listen to posts about Troll Boogers, and you people will not have to listen to posts about Eschatology. That is a win win, I am thinking.

And when I want to post about the Eschatology of Troll Boogers, I will just put a link, like now…

Note: The post is not about the Eschatology of Troll Boogers.

Also.  Ooo oo, now I can post stuff here that has no meaning in it at all and just is funny stories about Gary…  so here goes…

Me:  Ahhh!

Gary: What?

Me:  Remember how I was going to get that scale that measures BMI instead of weight?  It just said I am OBESE!!!  Can you believe that?

Gary:  Uh…

Me:  I mean, I’m good with being cosmetically fat, and in my current weight range if you look at the studies looking at weight hip ration in combination with my family history I’ve always felt pretty healthy, but now… what do you think?

Gary:  If you think that I don’t recognize “do you think I am fat” just because you used medical language you are dead wrong.

Me:  Seriously.  You have to have an opinion.  As a medical doctor, what are your thoughts?

Gary:  I think you should go back to using that other scale.

Best doctor EVER.

Or maybe worst.  But I am going with best.

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