Monthly Archives: October 2014

  1. Declaring calm on terror: Canada’s response to a very rough week.


    October 27, 2014 by rebelwithalabelmaker

    A lot of us were not quite sure what to do.  Wednesday morning, our news exploded with—what?  Gun violence?  Acts …
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  2. An Open Letter to Susan Bibeau


    October 23, 2014 by rebelwithalabelmaker

    I am so sorry for your loss.  For the loss of your son—the adult man he was last week, and …
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  3. One Fidelity Story


    October 16, 2014 by rebelwithalabelmaker

    In my Church world, the incoming President of a seminary that trains a lot of Unitarian ministers has let the …
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  4. Branch


    October 6, 2014 by rebelwithalabelmaker

    Me: Did you read that love poem I wrote for you? 
Gary: What love poem? 
Me: It’s on your email. …
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