A #YXE Poem

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March 20, 2015 by rebelwithalabelmaker

I know, I know, with the poems.  But I was charged with writing one for our monthly theme of “being present” for the contemplative service last night, and I liked it too much to keep it to myself.  I promise, the next post will be ludicrous misadventures of hilarity.

saskatoon sunset


this is good land to live on
if you want to remain present to the world

sometimes, just stepping outside the door draws you into your body
with the immediacy of the flash of a camera
as icy white air hits you
and your lungs become motionless as a photograph
for a moment
before you remember your breath

draw attention to your breath, they say, but here
with every winter
we can do nothing else
on those icy mornings where we coax our lungs into remembering the steps
of that simple dance
of in and out

this is good land to live on
if you want to remain present to the world

think of the greater universe, they say
and here, the sky is something you can never forget
the sheer expanse of it is like a deep sigh that is
the soundtrack of everything we do

you can never tell when it will spring up to meet you
blooming out a sunset that creates of us
a chorus of faces, tilted up
mouths slightly open in awe
our wide eyes lit with the reflection of
the dance of colours

remember nature, they say
and here, you cannot forget, as the meewasin river valley rests
in the heart of the city
reminding us that sometimes the best monument
is to leave a space untouched

it calls us home
to rest on its shores during brief snatches stolen from
a busy downtown day

be present to one another, they say
and that river answers wordlessly
as people from all expressions of life gather to meet the sun on warm days
embodying that the truth about both plants and people, that
there really is no such thing
as a weed

when we want to escape a past that keeps playing itself on our eyelids
or a future that tugs at our mind like a list of unanswered emails
it is this land that bring us back to the present

this land where the sky is larger than any plan
where cold is stronger than any thought
and the river is older than any memory

whoever you are, whatever life has carved out of you
or is asking of you next
we meet on this land
to draw our breath for the journey
to feel our feet sink into the soil
and to be home

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