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My lips are constantly leaking theology at inopportune moments.  This blog is my drool bib for that problem.  It is also my consolation prize to my mother, who I never remember to phone.  Here, I strive to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth… generally I achieve two out of three.

I live in Canada, with my two youngest sons (the two older ones are grown) and my galactically patient husband.  I spend my days dancing (badly) while doing housework (badly), and photoshopping the dialogue–but only a touch.

To make money, I am a (terrible) but exceedingly flexible homemaker to my husband’s ridiculously ambitious and wonderful career, and I’m pretty happy with that.  To make a living, I write.  I like to see how much hope and heresy you can mix together before the words start to crumble.

Oh, and I’m a seminarian–at Meadville Lombard, which fails to kick me out every. single. year, despite my rampant use of the word “douche canoe” in discussions of New England religious history.

I write about Unitarian Universalism and other church geek-ery at my other blog, freerangeseminarian.com.  It is the best. religion. ever.  You should meet me there, if they haven’t excommunicated me before you arrive.

I am passionate about trapeze, decreasing the wealth gap, and making people laugh until they gasp for air.  I am heartbroken by the corpse of the treaties in Canada, the way we treat our heretics of love-sex-and-gender, and by the way we think about money.  I am mildly annoyed by bike helmets, small talk, and the way my computer keeps autocorrecting “fuckwad” to “duckweed”.

Also, I’m annoyingly optimistic.  Hope on a stick.  My favourite thing is when something is deeply broken and soul touchingly beautiful at the same time.  Which makes this is a good world to live in.

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