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  1. I’ve moved!

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    September 30, 2017 by rebelwithalabelmaker

    I became less rebellious.  Also, I lost my labelmaker.  I now make do with masking tape and smelly markers. Come …
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  2. The Ungoogleable Truth…


    March 27, 2016 by rebelwithalabelmaker

    “And then,” a friend of mine said from the pulpit one Easter Sunday, “The disciples rolled back the stone at …
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  3. Neighbours to a Hostage Situation


    October 30, 2015 by rebelwithalabelmaker

    It isn’t apathy.  It’s not that they don’t care.  They care so much. They are acting like beaten spouses who …
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  4. Labelmaking


    September 24, 2015 by rebelwithalabelmaker

    My mom says I have to tell you that the tests came back and I am normal.  The normal-ness test. …
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  5. Dawn


    May 23, 2015 by rebelwithalabelmaker

    dawn even though i was only fourteen i’d already been writing poems for years when i rounded the corner in …
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  6. Podcasting!


    March 23, 2015 by rebelwithalabelmaker

    What an honour it was to be interviewed on the podcast “I Guess We’re Grownups Now”, with Kari Halsted.  And …
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  7. A #YXE Poem

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    March 20, 2015 by rebelwithalabelmaker

    sometimes, just stepping outside the door draws you into your body
    with the immediacy of the flash of a camera
    as icy white air hits you
    and your lungs become motionless as a photograph
    for a moment
    before you remember your breath